The Duke's Gambit

The Story So Far...

The party has met and gathered some allies these last few days at a military camp near the mages tower. They were originally commissioned by Duke Aelfred Bu’Kor. The party is consistent of Karsa Orlong the Half-Orc Barbarian, Grunther the Dwarven Cleric, Godrick Barandis the Human Ranger, Gally the Halfling Sorcerer, Niel the Dandyflan Gnomish Bard, Hyldor the Half-Elven Rogue, and Nodyrb Aehs the human fighter. They have contracted the help of Brother Jospeh Stiff from the Church of Ba’hatmut. They registered their adventurering band as “Notorious Beast Bashers”, though Niel seems to think it’s actually “Notorious Best Buddies”…no one has corrected him. They have cleared the first level of the tower but were stopped from seeking a treasure chest because of a barred gate which would not budge. They released a Nymph, who showed Niel some favour, but was attacked by a jealous Nordyrb.


patrick_wrigglesworth patrick_wrigglesworth

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